Monday, January 13, 2014

Just a short entry about myself

Hi and assalamualaikum..
      Just a quick update about myself.
      My full name is Nurul Azrin bt Muhammad Nasir.I like to be known as Eryn.I was born on 13th Mac.And this year I am already 27years old.Not so young but still i feel im young,haha..
      I am working at the well known bank in the middle of the city.And I ♥ my job because that is my soul and I am so so damn busy working.
Yet,i dont have any relationship with any guy because I think there is no need to rushing to find a guy in my life.
     Usually I like to spent my free time watching movie and facebooking.The type of movie that I ♥ the most is horror and science fiction.
      I am a sensitive girl because I have small heart.Maybe this is my speciality and I accept it.I can be strong and I can be a weak girl depends on the situation.I am a easy going girl and I enjoy to meet new people.
     I ♥ travel so much.By travelling,I can experience new things such as new food,new culture,new place and many more.The place that I have been travelling are Indonesia,India and Singapore.I wish that I can travel a lot of place,I mean around the world.
     I just being me and trying to fix myself as a good muslim.
     I think thats all about me.Do say hello to me in my little house.
Truely from my heart :erynchumei♥

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